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  • 03/11/14 - Preferred lies




    Monday 3 November 2014

    "A ball lying on a closely mown area through the green may be lifted without penalty and cleaned. Before lifting the ball, the player must mark its position. Having lifted the ball, he must place it on a spot within 6 inches of and not nearer the hole than where it originally lay, that is not in a hazard or on a putting green.  A player may place his ball only once, and it is in play once it has been placed. If the ball fails to come to rest on the spot it has been placed, Rule 20-3d applies. If the ball when placed comes to rest on the spot on which it is placed and it subsequently moves, there is no penalty and the ball must be played as it lies, unless the provisions of any other rule apply.

    If the player fails to mark the position of the ball before lifting it or moves the ball in any other manner, such as rolling it with a club, he incurs a penalty of one stroke.


    Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two Strokes

    If a player incurs the general penalty for a breach of this Local Rule, no additional penalty under the Local Rule is applied."


  • 20/10/14 - Willis Cup - Winter matchplay draw sheet

    Willis Cup

    All competitors are equally responsible for arranging the match to be completed by this date. As soon as the match has been played please contact the competitiors in the next round or write telephone number beside your name.

    In cases where it has not been possible for the match to be arranged by the competitors, the facts must be reported to the Administrator of the competition before the final date. Please call the Office 743401 or email if you have any problems.

     Good luck & play well


Latest Men's results

  • 15/11/14 - Nugent Trophy (1)

    In almost perfect conditions the winners of the Nugent Trophy were Jeff Lotherington (14 Hcp) and David Clark (18) with 42 points with 21 points on each nine. They won by one point from three pairs on 41 points.

    Peter Taylor (13 Hcp) and Mick Andrieux (23) came second due to their 22 points on the back nine.

    In third place on a further countback was Chris Skelley (5 Hcp) and Steve Le Cuirot (11), who beat Jason Mills  (13 Hcp) and Paul Walters (5), both pairs having 19 points on the back nine. Skelley and Le Cuirot had 14 points for the last six against 12 scored by Mills and Walters.

    There were seven Holes in two with Graham Thomas and George McClurg (1st and 14th)and Mike Fitzgerald and David Frank (12th and 14th) each having two.

    Fifty pairs entered the competition.

  • 03/11/14 - Bobby Peel - Results table

    "Bobby Peel" Trophy

    Points will be awarded for certain handicap competitions, whether Stableford, Par or Medal, throughout the year. The winner of each competition will receive 12 points, the second 11 etc down to 12th place.

    This year's winner is Simon Allchin, who has won this Trophy for the 2nd time(2010) - Outstanding golfing throughout the year and finishing with a 1 Handicap - the lowest Simon has ever been.

    1st S Allichin 32 Points

    2nd J Phillips 23 Points

    3rd A Cunningham 22 Points

    4th K Hirani 21 Points

    5th J Gibson 20 Points


Latest Ladies' results

  • 17/11/14 - Past Lady Captains' Competition More
  • 12/11/14 - Lady Captain's Drive In 2014

    To welcome our new Lady Captain, 80 members were gathered round the 10th tee bathed in glorious sunshine. Her entry was a fantastic idea being towed in on a boat, wearing her oilskins and lifejacket. Radio in right hand and her trusty 6 iron in left to ward off all boarders, her arrival was greeted with much mirth and clapping.

    After descending from the club coloured boat and divesting herself of the life jacket, she arrived on the tee where Vice Captain Shaun Johnston was there to greet her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

    Mike Deeley teed up her ball and with her faithful 3 wood she made a mighty thwack down the fairway, slightly down the right side near the tag of Wendy Riley (who won the sweep and then donated the monies to the Lady Captain's chosen charity for the year The R.N.L.I).

    A glass of champagne was then enjoyed.

    The competition for the day was a nine hole Stableford and to accommodate all the ladies, the whole course was used. Following the competition the Lady Captain treated the members to a glass of wine with lunch of soup and Maltesers!

    A very good day was had by all and best wishes for the rest of the year.


Latest Mixed results

  • 24/10/14 - Bryan Hewett Memorial Trophy 2014

    11 teams went out for the 2014 Bryan Hewett Memoral Competition.  Lady Captain, Carolyn Lee playing with her husband Nick Lee and Rowland Huelin and Sue Willis won the Salvers with a fantastic score of 89 points.

  • 11/10/14 - La Moye Foursomes - Results
      La Moye Western Foursomes Trophy 2014  
    1st  S Allchin J Phillips 70.5 34  
    2nd  A Barker  K Marshall 72.5 40  
    3rd  J Hutchins  B Besnard 72.5 44  
    4th  B Mc Carthy A Mc Carthy 73.5 39  
    5th  J Hacker A Cornish 75 40  
    6th  P Sunter  K Sunter 75 44  
    7th  L Cunningham R McEwan 75.5 38  
    8th  G Robertson D Clark 75.5 41  
    9th P Cowieson R Rothwell 77.5 42  
    10th K O'Toole E Peoples 77.5 42  
    1st Gross M Tostevin J Ozard 76    
    2nd Gross M Deeley J Deeley  78    

Latest Junior results